Spring onion

Spring onion belongs to the garlic family and is also called scallions or Welsh onion.

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recognize Spring onion
Spring onion, photo: Shizhao – CC BY-SA 3.0

Spring onion (Allium fistulosum) belongs to the onion family (Allium) and is also called scallions or Welsh onion. Sow in March and April in the final spot and thin out after a month and a half. Sowing indoors or in the greenhouse can be done as early as late February, early March. After six weeks, transplant to open ground. Spring onions like fertile soil; if the soil is too poor, the leaves turn yellow. Harvest before the onion makes a flower stem.


Shiny spots on leaf, on the underside are insects: thrips (Thysanoptera).

Leaf yellows, dies; plant rots away: onion fly (Delia antiqua).

Fungi & diseases

Bulb and/or plant rots away from top to bottom: neck rot (Botrytis allii).

Orange-brown spores on stem: leek rust (Puccinia porri).


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