Green peach aphid

Green peach aphids are small, herbivorous insects.

Also known as:
Peach-potato aphid

recognize green peach aphid
Green peach aphid, photo Scott Bauer - CC Public Domain

Green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) belongs to the aphids. Small, herbivorous insects measuring about 2 mm. Damage mainly the young leaves.
The damage caused by aphids consists of weakening the plant: juices necessary for growth are sucked out by the aphids. This causes leaf curling. The green peach aphid can transmit diseases such as PLRV (Potato leafroll virus).
The green peach aphid does not live in colonies. It overwinters on Prunus species and in greenhouses. In the summer you can find it on vegetable and garden plants.

Where to find


Control with pyrethrum, soap spirit, soap suds, rhubarb solution or nettle solution.


This aphid thrives in a warm, moist environment.
Natural enemies of the green peach aphid include: birds, ladybird, earwigs, parasitic wasps and lacewings. Provide varied plantings where these enemies of the green peach aphid feel at home.

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