Potato leafroll virus

Potato leafroll virus is a virus that affects potatoes and other nightshades.

Also known as:
PLRV (Potato leafroll virus).

recognize infection by PLVR
Potato leafroll virus on patato, photo: William M. Brown Jr. - CC BY 3.0

Potato leafroll virus is a virus belonging to the Polerovirus, genus of the Luteoviridae family. This virus affects potatoes and other nightshades (Solanaceae). The leaves curl inward, turn yellow and purple-brown. Plants become stunted and produce small potatoes. The potatoes look healthy, have a normal shape, but over time brown rot spots can form in the flesh.
The disease is transmitted by insects, the most important of which is the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae).

Where to find

  • Potato
  • Thorn apple


After infestation by Potato leafroll virus, it is no longer possible to stop the disease.


Infection comes from planting infected seed potatoes and from infected insects, such as the green peach aphid. This aphid thrives in a warm, moist environment. Plant potatoes preferably in a windy place, where aphids have a harder time.
Natural enemies of the peach aphid include: birds, ladybird, earwigs, parasitic wasps and lacewings. Provide varied plantings where these enemies of the peach aphid feel at home.