Summer chafer

June beetle, an almost two cm beetle somewhat similar to the Garden chafer and common cockschafer.

recognize summer chafer
Summer chafer, photo: ©entomart

Summer chafer(Amphimallon solstitiale). This almost two cm large beetle is somewhat similar to the garden beetle and the common beetle. Like the last two beetles, the June beetle belongs to the family of scarab beetles (Scarabaeidae).
The beetles pupate in June, hence the name.
Summer chafers are found in open grassy areas. In the summer, the beetles lay their eggs about 8 inches (20 cm) deep in the soil, preferably in a lawn or turf.
The natural enemies of this beetle are some species of ichneumon flies and dagger wasps, these insects parasitize on the larvae; moles and birds eat the grubs. At night when the adult beetles fly around, they are also caught and eaten by bats.

Where to find

  • Deciduous trees


The larvae of the summer chafer, the grubs, can be controlled with roundworms (nematodes).


Provide a bird-friendly environment: birds eat insects including the Summer chafer. Occasionally releasing a clump of chickens onto the grass also helps.

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