The string-of-pearls is a hanging plant that belongs to the succulents.

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recognize String-of-pearls
String-of-pearls, photo: Forest and Kim Starr - CC BY 2.0
  • The string-of-pearls is mildly poisonous.

String-of-pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) is a trailing plant that belongs to the succulents. String of Pearls is found in the drier regions of southwestern Africa. The strands wind over the ground and take root in places with nutritious soil. String of Pearls does not like direct sunlight, but rather light shade.
String of Pearls rarely rarely flowers indoors in the cooler regions of Europe.

Location: in a hanging basket in a bright spot in a warm room. Not too much direct sunlight. Not on the draft.
Soil: same soil as for cacti: a mixture of potting soil and sand: ratio 3 : 1. Add some extra liquid food every now and then in the spring – do this during watering.
Repotting: every three years.
Watering: the String of Pearls is a succulent and does not need much water. Once a week is sufficient in summer and once every two to three weeks in winter. Do not water until the soil is dry to about two cm deep. Water at the bottom of the pot.
Pruning: if the strands become too long or bare, you can simply cut them off or shorten them.
Care: in spring gently rinse plant outside.


Peas turn yellow and fall from strings: aphids. You can often see the aphids sitting on the soil and among the peas.

Small insects seem to be stuck on all parts of the plant, peas turn yellow, deformation occurs and the peas may fall: mealybug (family Pseudococcidae). Sometimes fungus (sooty mold) can also be seen on the honeydew secreted by the mealybugs.

Fungi & diseases

Pea plant is not very susceptible to fungusand diseases.


Too wet, photo: Melissa Kerkhoff

Peas shrivel and fall off strings; soil is wet: too much water.

The peas fall off the strands: the plant is in a draft (air conditioner, open window).