Nectria coccinea

Nectria coccinea is a rare fungus that occurs on beech, maple and poplars.

recognize fungus Nectria coccinea
Nectria coccinea on beech, photo: Jerzy Opioła - XX BY-SA 4.0

Nectria coccinea. This rare fungus is found on beech, maple and poplar trees. It mainly affects weakened trees. The dark red + 0.25 mm small fungi appear on the bark and branches of affected trees. Branches and parts of the trunk wither and die from where the damage started.
On beech trees lives the aphid Cryptococcus fagi. In combination with Nectria coccinea fungus, these pose a sometimes fatal threat to beech trees. The aphid makes openings in the bark after which the fungus penetrates deep into the tree.

Where to find


Remove affected branches generously; cover pruning wound with wound paste. When the fungi appear on the trunk, it is usually too late to get the infestation under control.


Does not apply.

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