Rose Chafer

Rose chafer, these + 2 cm large beetles belong to the scarab beetles.

Do not confuse with:
Larvae of cockchafers (chafer grubs)

recognize Rose chafer
Rose chafer, photo: Ine van Raaij

Rose chafer (Cetonia aurata). These + 2 cm large beetles belong to the scarab beetles (Scarabaeidae) and are mostly found in southern Europe and in the southern part of the United Kingdom, where they are sometimes very common locally.
The Rose chafer has a distinctive green-gold color and the underside is hairy. Across the wingcases (elytra) are thin streaks of white hair.
The Rose chafer can be found in forest edges and feeds on the leaves of flowers and pollen. Hawthorns, wild roses and elders are favorites.
The larvae of the Rose chafer resemble chafer grubs, the larvae of the cockchafer. The larvae of the Rose chafer live on dead and decayed wood.

recognize larvae Rose chafer
Rose chafer larvae, photo: Isabelle Diana - CC BY-SA 3.0

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The Rose chafer does no harm; control is unnecessary.


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