Beech leaf-miner beetle

The Beech leaf-miner beetle is + 2 mm in size, belonging to the weevils and living on and off beech trees.

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Beech leaf-miner beetle, photo: Abalg - CC BY-SA 4.0

Beech leaf-miner beetle (Orchestes fagi). This + 2 mm large beetle belong to the weevils and live on beech trees. The black-brown beetle is grey and has red legs and antennae. The beetle overwinter under the bark of beech or in the ground. In the spring, the beetle eat petioles, which can cause premature leaf drop. Females lay eggs on the underside and center of the leaf. The larvae eat tunnels in the veins, causing the leaves to turn brown, just like night frost.
The beech leaf-miner beetle can occur en masse, and when leaves are heavily infested, growth reduction occurs.

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