Artist’s bracket

Artist’s bracket, this fungus is shaped like a horseshoe, belongs to the lacquer fungi and is a parasite of living deciduous trees.

Also known as:
Artist’s Fungus
Artist’s Conk
Bear bread

recognize Artist's bracket
Artist's bracket, photo: PlantEnPlagen

Artist’s bracket (Ganoderma applanatum). This fungus is shaped like a horseshoe and belongs to the bracket fungi (Ganoderma). Artist’s bracket is a parasite of living deciduous trees. The hat is fan-shaped and between 10 and 40 cm wide. The top is slightly convex; the bottom is flat. The cinnamon-colored hat has a white rim. The fungus and its surroundings are often covered with a layer of cocoa-colored spores.
This fungus can be found year-round on older, weakened deciduous trees. A tree once affected is eventually doomed – sometimes after many years.
The Artist’s bracket is tough and not edible.

Where to find

  • Deciduous trees


Control is not possible.


Does not apply.

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