Horse chestnut scale

The horse chestnut scale belongs to the soft scales. This scale insect has only one generation per year.

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recognize the Horse chestnut scale
Horse chestnut scale on trunk, photo: Donald Hobern - CC BY-SA 2.0

The Horse chestnut scale (Pulvinaria regalis), belongs to the soft scales (Coccidae). This scale insect has only one generation per year. The Horse chestnut scale is native to Japan and also established in Europe in the second half of the last century. Horse chestnut scales lives off plant sap from mainly trees in urban areas. Horse chestnut scales hibernate on the trunk and after wintering there in summer produce the egg sacs from which young larvae emerge during the season. These populate petioles, leaves or branches and move to the trunk once mature.

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Damage caused by the horse chestnut scale is limited; it is mainly cosmetic. If there are really a lot of them and a lot of honeydew is produced, mold can develop on the sweet substance (sooty mold), causing the leaf to be covered by a thin layer of black fungus.


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