Eyed hawk-moth

Eyed hawk-moth is a + 8 cm moth and has distinctive markings.

recognize Eyed hawk-moth
Eyed hawk-moth, photo: jean-pierre Hamon CC BY-SA 3.0
recognize caterpillar Eyed hawk-moth
Caterpillar of the Eyed hawk-moth, photo: Ivar Leidus - CC BY-SA 4.0

Eyed hawk-moth (Smerinthus ocellatus). This + 8 cm moth belongs to sphinx moths (Sphingidae). The eyed hawk moth is adorned with intense blue and black ‘eyes’ on a pink background.
This active moth has one generation and flies from late April to early August. Sometimes the butterflies are found during the day.
The 8-cm, green caterpillar appears in the fall. It overwinters as a pupa in the ground close to the host plant: salix, poplar and apple.
Eyed hawk-moth are found in gardens, orchards, parks, riverbanks and forests. The butterfly is widespread in Europe and Asia Minor.

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The caterpillars of the eyed hawk-moth eat the leaves of host plants, such as those of the appletree. They almost never form a pest, therefore control is unnecessary.


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